Residential Trash Pickup

Let us provide all of your disposal needs.

  • Refuse Collection
  • Single Stream Recycling Collection
  • Yard Waste Collection
  • Scrap Metal Collection
  • Bulk Collection

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Our Residential Waste Collection Division offers residents weekly and biweekly curbside collection of trash, recycling, and yard waste.

Collection Guidelines

Please follow these basic guidelines when preparing your material for collection.

  • Please secure all material in disposable bags or bundles not to exceed 50 pounds.
  • Waste/recycling items should be placed in designated collection area the night before the day of your scheduled collection. Our drivers will not return to your location if items are not properly placed for collection when they arrive.
  • Please place trash directly in a Bates, County or personal garbage container.
  • According to Federal law, Bates Trucking is not permitted to accept dead animals, batteries, tires, liquids, combustible materials or any items identified as hazardous.
  • Bulky materials including drywall, concrete, bricks, dirt or rocks are not acceptable.
  • Drums, barrels, yard and household containers are not acceptable trash containers and will be assumed trash if placed at the curb.
  • Bates Trucking is not responsible for damage beyond the curb line.


  • Please notify Bates Trucking if you would like to transfer service to a new location. Subscription accounts will automatically renew unless you notify us to terminate your service.
  • Private Subscription residents are billed monthly and in advance. Invoices may be prorated for a specified service period. Payments are due upon receipt. Late payments or returned checks may result in additional charges to your account.
  • All rules and regulations may vary according to location. Please contact Bates Trucking if you have any additional questions.

Arrange for a Special Pickup

Physically challenged customers may arrange for special pickup at no additional cost. Please contact your local municipality for guidelines regarding special pickup.

Items such as demolition debris, automotive parts, hazardous materials, whole tires, and fallen trees cannot be collected with regular refuse. For disposal options, call us at 301-773-2069.