Radio Frequency Identification

Bates Trucking & Trash Removal has adopted Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to satisfy the growing consumer interest in recycling. RFID /Smart Cart technology emits radio signals that enable an electronic reader that is attached to the container, to collect key data on the container’s use. This technology enables cities and towns to better track their waste & recycling operation utilization and efficiency.

A reader/antenna embedded into A Bates truck, captures the container tag IDs as each receptacle is emptied. Data collected from the tags can be linked and downloaded to provide our customers with a time stamp, type of container (waste or recycle), and customer information, using wireless connectivity.

Taking advantage of RFID/Smart Cart is the wave of the future – creating a stronger, more reliable solid waste program for municipalities and business. Bates Trucking can design an incentive-based RFID/Smart Cart program that can allow you to reward residents and employees for their recycle participation, while minimizing the amount of trash headed for the landfill. By automating the collection of all waste, RFID/Smart Cart assures that individual bins are collected, providing verification of service.