Bates Trucking & Trash Removal, Inc

Apartment & Commercial Waste Collection

Bates Trucking and Trash Removal offers high quality amenities for multi-family communities including apartments, condominiums, town homes and senior living communities. We offer varying collection schedules between 3 and 6 days per week. We can also provide onsite trash containers and compactors to meeting the needs of your residents.

We can help you meet government recycling mandates

Many states and local governments have started to mandate a certain percentage of required resident recycling participation in the multi-family dwellings. Bates Trucking can help your community meet these compliance challenges by providing the necessary recycling containers to each resident. We will collect and distribute the recycled material to the appropriate storage areas, and report back to management the level of resident participation on a scheduled basis to assist you in meeting your compliance standards.

If your property is coming under recycling mandates in the near future or if you would like to start a recycling program on your own, please contact Bates Trucking at 301-773-2069 to learn more about Bates Trucking’s recycling program.

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