Bates Trucking & Trash Removal, Inc

Food Waste Composting

The U.S. EPA estimates as much as 70% of restaurant waste is food waste. Bates Trucking offers a comprehensive food-recycling program, which covers all fruits, vegetables, dairy, deli and bakery items.

Bates Trucking offers commercial food retailers, restaurants and caterers, a cost effective and competitive food compost program for their “prep and post-waste.” Prep-waste is vegetative pre-consumer food waste generated during meal preparation. Post-waste includes leftover food that was prepared.  Our food waste composting service can reduce your solid waste cost, by re-purposing food product waste and recycling these products productively back into the environment in the form of compost and organic fertilizer.

Bates Trucking offers a recycling program that is economical and environmentally better than sending food waste to valuable landfill space.

Food waste collected by Bates Trucking is transported to a compost site. The food waste is, then, mixed with a bulking agent (normally wood chips) and is formed into long piles or “windrows” where air can circulate and aid in the decomposition process.

Food Waste Includes

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