Apartment & Commercial Recycling

Bates Trucking can tailor design a corporate recycling program for your company. By implementing a recycling program, your company will not only realize cost-effective savings, but you will also provide environmentally responsible solutions for your waste disposal efforts.

From conserving the earth’s resources to saving money for your company, Bates Trucking offers businesses an opportunity to do the right thing and save money by recycling.

We offer commercial accounts for commingled/single stream, cardboard, food waste, e-waste and construction debris recycling services.

Commingle/Single Stream Recycling

Using this program you are able to mix all of your non organic recyclables in a single container. This is the most efficient way to collect recyclables from your business. One truck will service this container, which may contain dozens of different recyclable materials. All materials are transferred to a recycling processor where they are sorted and transported to manufacturers to be used again.

Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard is the single largest component of municipal solid waste that businesses produce every year. Even with the huge increases in recycling efforts over the past few decades, the amount of cardboard disposed as trash is still staggering. For companies that generate a high volume of corrugated and cardboard waste, Bates Trucking will provide you with a container specifically for cardboard recycling.

Food Waste/Compost Recycling

Food waste recycling service allows you to recycle all of your organic recyclable materials.  This is a terrific service for hotels, schools, restaurants, hospitals and landscaping businesses. Bates Trucking offers a comprehensive food-recycling program, which covers all fruits, vegetables, dairy, deli and bakery items. Our food waste composting service can reduce your solid waste cost; by re-purposing food product waste and recycling these products productively back into the environment in the form of compost and organic fertilizer.

E-Waste Recycling

The use of electronic products has grown substantially over the past two decades. Many businesses are unsure of what to do with their broken televisions, CPUs, monitors, and other old or outdated electronics. As a result, these often unsightly, items are left discarded inappropriately, which may also present a serious hazard to the community.

Construction & Debris Recycling

Bates recycling solutions for construction and demolition sites can aid in your ability to obtain your green designation, such as LEED certification.  Your business, construction project or demolition site, needs the support of Bates Trucking to provide open top containers ranging from 10 to 30 cubic yards. These containers are used for non-hazardous waste such as construction debris, renovations and large clean-up projects.