Recycling Collection Services

Bates Trucking and Trash Removal, Inc., understands that we are more committed than ever to become responsible stewards of our environment. We offer one of the most comprehensive recycling collection programs available in our marketplace. We pride ourselves in assisting customers interested in meeting sustainability initiatives and maximizing waste diversion with real solutions.

We Offer:

  • Residential Single Stream Recycling
  • Commercial Food Waste Composting
  • E-Cycling
  • Construction Debris Recycling

We provide weekly residential and commercial collection of recyclable materials in Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Montgomery, Arlington and Alexandria Counties and Washington, DC. The Bates recycling program is committed to the reduction of “conventional” waste by offering the following recycling services:

Residential Single Stream Recycling

Bates Trucking Trash Removal, Inc. offers a system that doesn’t require recyclables to be separated. Single stream recycling means that paper products and all other recycled materials are commingled and picked up together in all recycling collections. Bates Trucking’s single stream recycling program makes it easier and more convenient for the public to recycle. Counties and cities that are using Bates Trucking single stream recycling program have experienced increases in the recycling participation and rates.

Apartment and Commercial Recycling

From conserving the earth’s resources to saving money for your company, Bates Trucking offers businesses an opportunity to do the right thing and save money by recycling. We offer commercial accounts for commingled recycling, food waste composting, e-cycle and construction debris recycling services.s

Bates Trucking can tailor design a corporate recycling program for your company, to help you reduce your overall waste disposal costs, by separating recyclable materials from trash. By implementing a recycling program, your company will not only realize cost-effective savings, but you will also provide environmentally responsible solutions for your waste disposal efforts.

Food Waste Composting

The U.S. EPA estimates as much as 70% of restaurant waste is food waste. Bates Trucking offers a comprehensive food-recycling program, which covers all fruits, vegetables, dairy, deli and bakery items.

Bates Trucking offers commercial food retailers, restaurants and caterers, a cost effective and competitive food compost program for their “prep-waste.” Prep-waste is vegetative pre-consumer food waste generated during meal preparation. Our food waste composting service can reduce your solid waste cost, by re-purposing food product waste and recycling these products productively back into the environment in the form of compost and organic fertilizer.

Food waste collected by Bates Trucking is transported to a compost site. The food waste is, then, mixed with a bulking agent (normally wood chips) and is formed into long piles or “windrows” where air can circulate and aid in the decomposition process.


The use of electronic products has grown substantially over the past two decades. Many businesses are unsure of what to do with their broken televisions, computer monitors, and other old or outdated electronic materials. As a result, these often unsightly, items are left discarded inappropriately, which may also present a serious hazard to the community. Bates Trucking has integrated the disposal of electronic items into our corporate recycling program.