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Very friendly staff and pharmacist. This location is warm and welcoming. Tony was very knowledgeable and patient in helping me decide which products best suited my needs.

This was my first visit to TAUC. I walked in an cringed at the full waiting room. But to my amazement, I was in and out of there within an hour. VERY impressive during peak flu season! I sincerely appreciated that I was able to have my X-Rays done right there AND they filled my meds and dispensed to me before I left. I cannot express how thankful I was to be able to avoid additional trips to imaging places or pharmacies. Staff were all very much friendly and professional and even took time to show me my films. The staff struck me as a true team atmosphere. I will definitely continue to use TAUC when I have urgent medical needs.

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    – Wow! I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars.


    I suffer from PTSD, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety Disorder and Depression. I basically lived in sadness and fear 24/7, EVEN with Wellbutrin and Zoloft, AND an INSANE, overly protective yet crazy “emotional support” animal, no legit, she is a registered Emotional Support Animal who can detect when i am about to have a…..I call it a “melt down” but I am told that is not the nice way to say it, but it is EXACTLY what I have, melt downs and calm me down. I could rarely leave my home, I was terrified of everyone. Everything was delivered, even then I feared those people delivering were going to harm me.

    I have been taking 3000 mg of CBD oil for a few months now, and I am noticing a world of difference. I noticed that I now have all the drapes blinds open, it is almost as though I had closed myself off to sunshine. I am planning once again for my future. I actually see beauty in the world where before I was just in complete dispart, think Lidia from Beatlejuice.

    Prior to this TSIGFY’s CBD oil, I could not even drive without having an anxiety attack. Last summer, I began having panic attacks, I literally thought I was having a heart attack…. even on medications for depression and anxiety. I am now more relaxed and level headed. I can leave my house, I am not in constant fear. I feel like I can breathe and actually start looking forward to my day and making plans then regretting waking up. Its almost like the feeling you get when you can open your windows for the first time after winter to get that fresh air, TSIGFY is my fresh air.

    How do I know the CBD oil is working? I am glad you asked, because I asked myself that very question. So I decided to test it, I never messed with the fluctuation of my meds from the doctor, but since CBD oil is natural and TSIGFY actually makes their own, like locally!!! But I decided to take a month off, I found that in that mouth, I was overly anxious, noticed my fear coming back and I even had about a week where I could not get out of bed to even get into the shower.

    Once back on This Stuff Is Good For You’s 3000k CBD Oil, all those went away and I am now currently taking on a back yard renovation, I am leaving the house again and actually enjoying a passion of mine again…..Pedro Time instead of wasting my time with the affair i was having with the Sandman. Even on their CBD oil I am getting an continuous amount of deep sleep, I wake up refreshed and ready for my day.

    I have been using their body soap as well!! My favzies right now is the
    “ONCE YOU GO BLACK” which is a mix of peppermint, tea tree, and activated charcoal!!! It makes my skin smooth and smelling good all day. It also leaves my bathroom smelling amazing!!! I even have some of their bath bombs in a glass container in the guest bathroom and not only are they great for your skin, they make a very great room air freshner.

    Remember the crazy Emotional Support Animal, she would bark insanely at strangers, no like her entire ability to hear my voice completely just stopped, and she would go crazy jumping and trying to be vicious. She weighs 11lbs, she at times would cause me to have an anxiety attack.

    I started giving her TSIGFY’s dog treats, my dog is a little calmer and not so anxious either.

    Thank you!!!

  • Trek CBD
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    – Great prices, amazing customer service and most importantly great products. If your looking for a reliable shop go to TREK CBD and you will be taken care of.
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    – Amazing CBD store!! The guy there was amazing also. Very informative! Also a great salemen, but honest. Will definitely come back.
  • Your CBD Store – Meridian, ID
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    – Very Knowledgeable about CBD. Lots of products to choose from and informative about all. They have done their research. Also very friendly and welcoming, we will definitely be back.
  • Innovet Pet Products
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    – I can’t believe the difference in my 15 year old Wire Fox Terrier after just a week of this CBD oil. His mobility is like it used to be and he seems pain free now! Awesome!